E.X. Troopers English Translation Update v1.0.1

E.X. Troopers English Translation Update v1.0.1

Happy Holidays and New Year!

It’s been over a month since we released our English Patch and we are overjoyed by the overwhelmingly positive response from forums, news outlets, social media, and our users on the FTI Discord server!

Today we’re releasing a new update to the patch to iron out a few issues players have found, and to completely replace another “Hard-coded text” video from the game!

v1.0.1 Changelog


  • Fixed some minor text issues and improved some multiplayer translations.


  • Fixed a bug in an Ep 2 video where subtitles would not render properly.
  • Fixed a bug in an Ep 5 video where it would not play properly.


  • Added 140 new Bubtitles to Ep 2 video.
  • Fixed a bug in Ep 4 where some videos did not play audio loud enough.
  • Updated Gallery thumbnails.


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Download & Installation

Visit: Downloads – E.X. Troopers

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