E.X. Troopers

E.X. Troopers

This is a full English translation patch for E.X. Troopers, a spin-off game in the Lost Planet series and exclusive to Japan on PS3 and 3DS. November 22, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the game’s original release.

After 7 years of working on this project, we are excited to finally share our results. We have faced so many challenges while translating this game, ranging from reverse engineering the game’s files, overcoming multiple technical limitations of the game’s engine, translating over 17,000 individual Japanese lines, replacing hundreds of speech bubbles in pre-rendered videos, to releasing this patch for two completely different systems simultaneously.

We have poured so much into making this and are proud to finally release it.


Etokapa Project Coordinator, Videos, Textures, 3DS/PS3 Playtesting, Additional Writing, Quality Control
phenomenal flea Localization, Writing, 3DS Playtesting, Quality Control
IcySon55 (FTI) Programming, File Reverse Engineering, File Extraction/Insertion (Kuriimu, Kukkii, Karameru), Font Generator (Kuriimu2), Patcher (Knit), Workflow Optimization, Troubleshooting
Special Thanks
onepiecefreak (FTI) Text Engine Reverse Engineering and Support, HFS ARC Support, Programming
Neobeo (FTI) 3DS Video & Texture Reverse Engineering, Programming, 3DS Patcher Support
Anonymous Tester PS3 Playtesting, Quality Control
Uwabami (Scarlet Study) Additional 3DS Patching Support
rd2k3 3DS Video Encoding Research
neonmaze Additional Localization Support
an-error PS3 Executable Reverse Engineering, Programming
FluffyQuack File Reverse Engineering Research (ARCTool), Programming
iiotenki File Research, Localization Advice
Lost Planet Discord Server Moral Support
ajiponn Patcher Music

Download & Installation

Visit: Downloads – E.X. Troopers


Q: I thought this game couldn’t be localized due to hard-coded text?
A: All in-game text is in separate editable files. What isn’t easily editable is the hundreds of speech bubbles in the pre-rendered videos. With the original project files, Capcom could easily edit the Japanese text into other languages. For our patch, we have manually replaced the bubbles frame by frame for many of the video cut scenes and added subtitles for the rest.

Q: Where do I get the game?
A: You can purchase the game online from Amazon, eBay, Suruga-ya, and Yahoo Auctions.
Our patches will not work without the original game!

Q: What is the best way to play?
A: Each version has its pros and cons. Please see the table below for more details.

  PS3 3DS
Max Framerate ~30 30
Max Resolution 1280×720 400×240
Trophy Support Yes No
3D Functionality No Yes
Augmented Reality No Yes (AR Cards available here.)
Vibration Yes No
Issues • Requires CFW

• Online Multiplayer and Free DLC requires an PSN account.

• Requires CFW

Q: Can I play online/multiplayer?
A: Yes! Multiplayer Co-op Missions and PVP are unlocked towards the end of Episode 1 of the campaign. Co-op consists of playing with up to 2 other players in side missions. PVP involves different types of matches with up to 5 other players. There is no campaign co-op. There is no local multiplayer on PS3.
PS3: Online modes require a PSN account. Connecting to PSN while using CFW may ban your account and/or console! Do so at your own risk!
3DS: Local wireless play requires both players to be in the same room.

Q: Why are trophies not translated to English?
A: If PSN detects changes to trophy-related data, your PSN account and/or console may be banned. A list of all trophies and their requirements can be found here.

Q: What are Secret Codes?
A: Secret Codes are sets of numbers that unlock various items in game from character costumes, Café items, and materials that can be found ingame or with E.X. Troopers promotional items. A list of all Secret Codes can be found here.

Q: Why didn’t you use LayeredFS for the 3DS patch?
A: There are also several movie files that do not play properly using LayeredFS. Our patching method mitigates this so that even Old 3DS consoles can play it at full speed.

For questions or issues with the patch, or if you’re interested in learning about making your own fan translation, visit the Fan Translators Int. Discord Server.

For discussing the Lost Planet games, and playing multiplayer with others, visit the Lost Planet Discord Server.