E.X. Troopers

E.X. Troopers

Installation – 3DS

  1. You must be running Luma3DS CFW on your 3DS.
  2. Scan the QR Code below using FBI to install the E.X. Troopers English 1.0.0 update to your 3DS.
    The QR code is seeing a lot of traffic. Use the torrent below instead.
  3. Additionally you can download the update CIA manually via torrent and install it.
  4. Insert your E.X. Troopers cartridge and launch the game.
  5. Enjoy~!

Installation – PS3

  1. Use Multiman to copy the game’s files decrypted from the disc to your PC (FTP) or onto a flash drive and then to your PC.
  2. Download the E.X. Troopers 1.0.0 Patch via torrent.
  3. To run the patcher you will need at least .NET Framework 4.5.
  4. Run Knit and press “Patch…” Follow the instructions on screen. Knit will not overwrite your original files. (Do not select the same directory.)
  5. Copy the newly patched files in USRDIR to the game’s USRDIR folder on your console and run the game through Multiman.
  6. Enjoy~!

PS3 DLC Save:

  1. Start a New Game and complete Episode 0. Exit the game.
  2. Download this save file.
  3. Replace your save file in dev_hdd0\home\00000001\savedata\BLJM60528SAVE0.
  4. Run the game. From the main menu, select Extras. You will see a message that says “All available missions have already been downloaded.” Continue playing as normal.
  5. If the save file does not load, enable Fake Save Data Owner in your CFW.

Troubleshooting – PS3:

  • If Knit doesn’t launch for some reason, try this version.
  • If Knit gets stuck verifying files, you may need to launch it as administrator.
  • Note: The patch does not work with digital copies of the game because they employed anti-tamper measures that could not be defeated.


For questions or issues with the patch, or if you’re interested in learning about making your own fan translation, visit the Fan Translators Int. Discord Server.

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