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Rocket Slime 3DS

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The Slimening!
The Slimening?
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The Slimening!

Finally after all this time the translation for Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan is here!

All images, NPC text, and menus are translated and should be very playable.  Report any bugs on the Github.

Stats for Nerds:
Image Editing:…99%

The Slimening?

To those of you who are uninitiated, Rocket Slime 3DS is a spin-off of the mainline Dragon Quest series following the adventures of the





It’s the Dragon Quest Slime, Rocket.

Rocket Slime 3DS follows the adventures of Rocket and his friends while he tries to retrieve the Rainbow Orbs stolen by Don Clawleone. The Rainbow Orbs cause havoc among the world due to their ability to give sentience to landmarks.

Rocket fights against the odds with each passing day the Platywag’s fleet growing ever more expansive and deadly. All hope is not lost, although, as Rocket has a secret up his sleeve: his gigantic warship.

The main draw of Rocket Slime 3DS is the ship battles, where two ships duke it out for naval supremacy using various objects crafted, traded, and collected while on land. Swords and catnip are excellent for shooting out of cannons.

leaving port

Read the review here for more information on what the game is.

Gameplay Tips and FAQ

Elasto Blast

Ninja Slimes

  • Green: Trade for 8 items
  • Blue: Beat Sphinx of Flat Desert again
  • Red: Complete the Pink Sanguini ship part set

Why am I moving so slowly?

  • Try moving with Elasto Blasts, it’s a pretty sizable speed increase – especially when it counts in ship battles.
  • Don’t rotate the items on your head while walking or standing still, there is a large window of being unable to move if you do so. Instead, jump – and while midair – change the order of items on your head. This will retain momentum and switch the order.

How do I kill things faster?

  • If something is at a far range, hold an item and release it while performing an elasto blast.
  • Spikes are overpowered. Hold an enemy and stand in front of a spike to make an inescapable death trap by repeatedly catching and throwing either enemies or players.

How do I stop losing all the time?!

  • Using the midair hover can dodge most attacks.
  • Chimera wings will defeat any enemy in a single shot.
  • Collect items constantly in levels to upgrade your ship’s hull and ammunition. Explosive ammo is especially powerful.

Wireless connection is spotty with other players?!

  • Disabling luma’s in-game patching setting may help with desyncs.
  • The game often freezes for unknown reasons while starting multiplayer rooms, just keep trying.

Who worked on this monstrosity?

Team Rocket:

Special Thanks:

Download & Installation

Visit: Downloads – Rocket Slime 3DS