Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Release

Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Release


The full translation is now available for all Nintendo 3DS consoles!  Many reported bugs and issues have been fixed!

You can grab the new Release on the Rocket Slime 3DS download page here:

Like before, report any issues you encounter on the Github page here:

This release is our version 1.0 release candidate. For a detailed explanation of what this game is, check out the Project Page or our GBAtemp Thread.

Bug Fixes:

  • “Fossil Isle” textbox enlarged.
  • “West Slushia” and “West Slushia Harbor” shortened to “W. Slushia/Harbor”.
  • “Snow Country” textbox enlarged.
  • “Volcano Isle Harbor” shortened to “Volcano Hbr.”
  • “Volcano Isle” shortened to “Volcano”, in keeping with the UI.
  • Enlarged ally monster nameplates within menu (and fixed a few other overflowing names, too) fixed several map name overflows: changed funadel wastes/funadel wastes harbor to funadel isle/harbor, in keeping with the title gfx
  • Changed “Desert Wastes Harbor” to “Desert Wastes Hbr.”

For the complete change log, visit:!


Downloads are found on the normal downloads page here: !

5 thoughts on “Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Release

  1. i just wanna say thank you again for doing this. one of the reasons i started learning Japanese was so i could finally play this game. it’s such a great game, and it’s so disappointing that Squeenix never released the other Slime games in the US. you guys are my heroes!!

  2. Awesome!!
    I’m eager to try it, but i think i’ll wait a little bit longer for the second bathc of glitches to be taken care of. ( i’m usually extremely unlucky with those. )

    after looking at the update notes, I do have some suggestions though
    Should keep Gunvalley city as Gun valley, the city is the least necessary of the 3 words.
    Gun valley keeps the intention of the original intact, gun city makes it sound more modern and bland.
    even in the notes you guys refer to it as gun valley..

    a substitute suggestion for what the bay, “what the wreck” as in shipwreck or “what the helm??”
    what the bay sounds way off, since it’s derivative of a derivative ( the point of what the hey, was sounding like you were going to say what the hell. changing to helm brings back that. )

    also, will it be possible to patch a cia of the game?
    I have the original game and have already beaten it, but i was curious.
    having it installed makes it more practical for me than using my cartridge, because it’s there at all times and i don’t need to remove it to put other games.

    thanks a lot for your work!
    Happy holidays!

  3. Just became aware of translation. Liked DQH Rocket Slime. Always bummed i couldn’t play follow-up (cannot read Japanese) . Thanks to everyone who took the time to translate to English so more people can enjoy this title.

  4. Hello , I’m stuck at the Rocket Slime 3 patch loading screen, it said after two minutes to press any button to load the game but nothing happens after pressing any button.

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