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Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Release

Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Release


The full translation is now available for all Nintendo 3DS consoles!  Many reported bugs and issues have been fixed!

You can grab the new Release on the Rocket Slime 3DS download page here:

Like before, report any issues you encounter on the Github page here:

This release is our version 1.0 release candidate. For a detailed explanation of what this game is, check out the Project Page or our GBAtemp Thread.

Bug Fixes:

  • “Fossil Isle” textbox enlarged.
  • “West Slushia” and “West Slushia Harbor” shortened to “W. Slushia/Harbor”.
  • “Snow Country” textbox enlarged.
  • “Volcano Isle Harbor” shortened to “Volcano Hbr.”
  • “Volcano Isle” shortened to “Volcano”, in keeping with the UI.
  • Enlarged ally monster nameplates within menu (and fixed a few other overflowing names, too) fixed several map name overflows: changed funadel wastes/funadel wastes harbor to funadel isle/harbor, in keeping with the title gfx
  • Changed “Desert Wastes Harbor” to “Desert Wastes Hbr.”

For the complete change log, visit:!


Downloads are found on the normal downloads page here: !

Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Beta 1 Release

Rocket Slime 3DS Translation Beta 1 Release

Finally after all this time the translation for Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan is released…mostly!

Good news and some not-so-good news:

Good news is that the patch released right now is mostly done with the game. All images, NPC text, and menus are translated and should be very playable. Bad news is that this isn’t the final version and there’s still more to be released. Some in-game text may appear to go off of the screen or some items or quests might have some random not English words in them.

However! Updates should not take nearly as long as it took for the this initial patch! The game is fully playable and is very enjoyable to play as-is.

Visit the Rocket Slime 3DS project page for more detailed game information!

Download & Installation

Visit: Downloads – Rocket Slime 3DS