Rocket Slime 3DS

Rocket Slime 3DS


v1.0 RC1


  1. You must be running Luma3DS v7.2 or newer.
  2. Download under Assets and open it up, then copy RS3DS-Patcher.firm to sd:/luma/payloads.
  3. Be sure that you enable game patching in the Luma3DS settings menu (hold Select on boot).
  4. Insert your game cartridge.
  5. Restart your 3DS while holding Start and choose RS3DS-Patcher from the menu.
    1. If you’re somehow in GodMode9, you did something wrong. Repeat step 5 until you’re in the patcher.
  6. Press A to install the patch.
  7. Press any button to reboot.
  8. Play Rocket Slime 3DS!


If you find any bugs or typos, please create an issue on the Issue Tracker. Be sure to check the known issues first.


For help installing the patch if the above instructions are insufficient, please join the FTI Discord, read the #rules to gain access and then hop into the #dqh-rocket-slime-3ds channel.