METAL MAX 3 Translation Release

METAL MAX 3 Translation Release


After 5 years and thousands of hours of work, Metal Dreamers is proud to present a complete, and fully playable English translation of Crea-Tech’s Metal Max 3 for the Nintendo DS.

The Metal Max series is a long-running but little-known JRPG series, at least in the west. They combine traditional JRPG gameplay with the free-form progression typical of CRPGs. The games are basically open-world, with not too much in the way of story most of the time, instead focusing on entertaining NPC dialogue and side quests, an interesting world to explore, and TANKS. Lots and lots of tanks, which you can freely customize.

You start the game dead and are soon revived by a mad scientist, but you have no memory of how you died or who you are. Soon, you meet a girl about to be shipped off to an arranged marriage that she doesn’t want. The story unfolds as you try to find out who you were, why you died, and how your fate is intertwined with that girl’s. We hope you enjoy this wacky post-apocalypse!



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  1. Since the discovery of Metal Saga on PS2 I went in big trouble fallowing this series, to the point of dropping it due to lack of western market support – until some awesome random heroic guys on internet came up with this ♥

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